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non-custodial NFT Launchpad

EveryNFT is a minting Launchpad, designed to provide industry-leading tech, knowledge and community for the launch of your NFTs.

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Intuitive and no-code entry to NFTs

Out of the Box
Ethereum & Polygon
Connection of common wallets such as Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, etc.
Open Edition, Auction*, Fix Price
Own Collection Landingpage
Monthly billing & payment in euros
Artist & Brand Application
Custom Solution for Collectibles
Ethereum + Omnichain
Individualized process & creation of a collectible project
Definition of rarities & attributes, generation of JSON files
Custom smart contract solution with IPFS connection
Generation of a verified smart contract with gas fee optimization
Instant reveal or delayed reveal of the collection upon request
We will deploy a Omnichain protocol in the smart-contract enabling chains like
Polyon, Avalanche, Optimsm and ETH Minnet
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Individualized solution

Lots of flexibility for artists, galleries & brands

NFTs are much more than just "crypto art" and much more than just a "JPG". Various utilities and functionalities can be linked to NFTs. For example, NFTs in the area of ​​gaming and metaverse (sandbox, decentraland, cryptovoxel & Co.) can map new digital identities and are already a large part of the P2E community. NFTs can also serve as ticketing for events and events, as certification of valuable items and objects or, for example, for the exclusive whitelisting of upcoming sales. The use cases of NFTs are numerous.

Everything decentralized & non-custodial

ETHERUM, Polygon & the Evolution of Omnichain

Ethereum is currently the largest smart contract blockchain in the world and has become the first choice for developers, exchanges, institutions and NFT artists. "ETH" has an enormous ecosystem and even regulators are familiar with Ethereum. That is why we are working on the launch in the ETH Mainnet and, due to the sometimes high transaction fees, with the Ethereum Sidechain Polygon.

Beginning with the Women Hackers Club and from May on forward all of our Smartcontracts will use a Omni-Chain protocol - making sure the provenance of the projects is future-proof. With the Omni-Chain protocol we will be able to support Polygon, Avalanche, Optimism, Binance and many other chains on the fly, enabling NFT Holder to send their NFT from ETH Mainnet to many sidechains and back to EHT Mainnet.

It is important to us from the start that the NFTs are not stored on a central server. That is why we host the NFTs on IPFS, making sure they are decentralized and non-custodial. This way, the Collectors are always and exclusively in possession of the acquired NFTs. By the way: only the Creator of the NFTs profits from any resale of the NFTs. We don't earn anything from the royalties!